Lawson Products Circular Flyer Ad Process Improvements

I was tasked to oversee the production of the Lawson Products “Monthly Specials” circular ads. I typed up a recommendation for process improvements which were adopted by the team. I also suggested we start creating a layout grid mock-up as a way to visualize and merchandise the ads prior to starting the actual page building in InDesign. This helped us work out much of the placement and editorial content early on in the process saving on revisions. I also created a style guide for the Monthly Specials ads to ensure design consistency. There were unique branding challenges to address because we created a Lawson Products and Kent Automotive version. Finally, I worked cross-functionally with the Catalog and IT departments to create a more automated process for bringing in product content from the product data server. My new process involved taking advantage of a list of all the item numbers in a flyer that allowed the production designers to drag content to the pages more quickly are reducing production cost.