Video Creation – Kent Automotive PROS Profit Enhancement Tool

As a Creative, I always aspire to improve customer experience. An example of this was when I developed a video for Kent Automotive’s PROS and CCC ONE launch campaign. I was brought in to help make a video that showed the benefits of a new software integration. In the initial meeting, IT showed me a rough draft they had made and I offered to develop some suggestions to make it more impactful. I then created a visual storyboard document to help communicate my concept for the video with the team.

Kent Automotive PROS Profit Enhancement Tool Integration Storyboard

Story Board Kent Automotive PROS Profit Enhancement Tool Integration with CCC ONE Video 2016. CLIENT: Kent Automotive. INVOLVEMENT: Creative concept development

Instead of just showing the technical how-tos, I came up with a way to tell a story of a mechanic and an estimator, the two target users of the software. To save on the cost, I used stock photos of human characters in the roles of mechanic and estimator. This helped make the technical information more engaging and relatable and tell a compelling story about the new software features. This storyboard helped the IT team visualize what I had in mind. Each panel of the storyboard was numbered and this helped IT create and organize the many component video clips. Then I edited the final video, adding elements such as music, pictures. The final video was presented at a sales team meeting and the attendees stated that they were impressed with the quality of the video.