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Making An Impact Selfie Social Media Campaign Lawson Products Kent Automotive
The communications team at Lawson Products came up with the concept for a social media photo campaign that would use a sign banner that the customer and field representative could hold. The hashtag #MakingAnImpact was created for this social media campaign. My challenge was to design the sign boards to […]

Lawson Products 65 Year Anniversary Selfie Campaign #MakingAnImpact

Lawson Products 65 Year Anniversary Graphics Style Guide
In 2017 Lawson Products, Inc. celebrated its 65 year anniversary being in business. To commemorate this tremendous event I created a graphics campaign to be incorporated in the company’s various communications. This campaign included an original 65 year anniversary logo medallion and bar. I integrated this into the company’s letterhead, […]

Lawson Products 65 Year Anniversary Campaign Creative Design

PROS and CCC ONE Integration Campaign Flyer
As a Creative, I always aspire to improve customer experience. An example of this was when I developed a video for Kent Automotive’s PROS and CCC ONE launch campaign. I was brought in to help make a video that showed the benefits of a new software integration. In the initial […]

Video Creation – Kent Automotive PROS Profit Enhancement Tool

This year I collaborated with the HR department at Lawson Products on several projects. This gave me a chance to develop a working style for projects related to the Lawson Products’ talent recruiting goals. I developed the graphics for the “Make an Impact” recruiting campaign which included web banners, recruiting […]

Human Resources Recruiting Campaign Lawson Products – Make An Impact

Lawson U Graphics
I designed the look and branding for the new Lawson U employee training portal. This included various landing page graphics and banner art. The banners were designed to be fun and allude to an education and learning theme. The banners would change out each quarter of the year so I […]

Lawson U – Corporate University Training Portal Graphics Design

Fleet microsite
A senior fleet segment manager at Lawson Products wanted to pass on important knowledge and experience about the fleet industry to the Lawson sales force. He wanted to show how a tractor trailer truck had different “product regions” all over the vehicle that Lawson could help service. I recommended that […]

Lawson Products Interactive Fleet Environments Microsite

As part of the new Schawk Digital Team I completed additional web development training. Courses I completed included: XHTML and CSS. Javascript. JQuery. AJAX. Adobe CS5 InDesign-Photoshop-Illustrator-Flash Catalyst and Dreamweaver for Web Design.

Completed Advanced Digital Design and Development Training Courses

Schawk! Logo
I served as a contributing author to the Schawk Innovation Blog. I wrote several blog articles outlining some exciting trends in digital media. I explained how our agency can utilize these technologies to help our clients and position ourselves more strongly in the digital marketplace.

Contributed Content to the Schawk Innovation Blog