As part of the new Schawk Digital Team I completed additional web development training. Courses I completed included: XHTML and CSS. Javascript. JQuery. AJAX. Adobe CS5 InDesign-Photoshop-Illustrator-Flash Catalyst and Dreamweaver for Web Design.

Completed Advanced Digital Design and Development Training Courses

Schawk! Logo
I served as a contributing author to the Schawk Innovation Blog. I wrote several blog articles outlining some exciting trends in digital media. I explained how our agency can utilize these technologies to help our clients and position ourselves more strongly in the digital marketplace.

Contributed Content to the Schawk Innovation Blog

After conducting a talent survey of all their designers with experience in web development Schawk chose me to be one of the few first members of their newly formed digital team. As a member of the digital team I began advanced training to broaden my expertise in web development and […]

Chosen for Special Digital Design Team

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I was chosen out of a large pool of candidates to join the Schawk team working on the newly acquired True Value Hardware account. One other designer and I collaborated in setting up the page templates and graphic styles for the entire production. I also worked with the creative director […]

Chosen to Work on Newly Acquired True Value Hardware Account

While working at Schawk Retail Marketing I was promoted to the Kmart SuperCenter account. The existing team was in the midst of transitioning to a new automated publishing program, Universal Ad. My teammates and I quickly learned the new software and utilized it to develop an even more efficient workflow. […]

Promoted to the Kmart SuperCenter Account