Lawson Products Corporate Brochure ReDesign

Working with my managers in the marketing department I revamped the design of the Lawson Products Corporate Brochure. This is the main document sales representatives use to introduce the company.

Lawson Products Corporate Brochure Layout

Lawson Company Brochure 2013. CLIENT: Lawson Products, Inc. INVOLVEMENT: I designed the layout, graphic style, branding and worked on production and image retouching

I brought a strong industrial look and feel to the piece that corresponds perfectly with the messaging “Partner with the company that works as hard as you do.” The overall design elements are a continuation of the elements I created for the main Lawson Products catalog cover and the Fleet Brochure launched earlier in 2013. It included the rich metallic texture, bold yellow stripes and the inclusion of a new tertiary blue brand color. I saved the team money by creating a cover for the brochure by comping existing images in Photoshop. I feel the result was a professional looking cover featuring the Lawson “Brown Wall” bins and a hardworking Lawson representative.

Lawson Products Corporate Brochure

Brochure cover design

Inside the brochure, I also comped the mechanic on the first inside spread. We needed an image of a mechanic with dirty hands and I was able to find a stock art image of a mechanic. But it still wasn’t quite right. The man was a bit older than the demographic we wanted to feature in this particular situation and his red shirt didn’t fit in with the look of the spread. So I retouched the image, making his hands look a little dirtier, took a few years off his face and even changed his shirt from red to blue. My team and I received, and continue to receive, positive feedback for this new corporate brochure. One of our sales leaders even commented that it was “the best looking piece we’ve ever released.”

Lawson Products Corporate Brochure

Brochure Layout